+ What is Science RXN?

Science RXN is UBC’s introduction to first year science students. It’s a full-day orientation event where you will make lasting friendships and get to participate in the SUS community.

+ What is The Science Undergraduate Society (SUS)?

The Science Undergraduate Society represents students to the Dean of Science, the UBC administration, the Alma Mater Society, and beyond. We are the second largest undergraduate society (right behind Arts) and have a significant voice on campus. We also aim to improve the experience of our members (by being an undergraduate you are already a member!) by putting on social, academic, and orientation events! Check out www.sus.ubc.ca for more information.

+ Can I come as a UBC transfer student?

Unfortunately, RXN is catered specifically to new incoming first year students who are just coming to UBC. If you're a transfer student from another institution, I'm sure there's an orientation event hosted for you out there!

+ Why do I have to pay for Science RXN?

Science RXN is a very full day of activities. Although a large portion of the expenses is subsidized by SUS, the faculty of Science, and our generous sponsors, we are not able to offset all the costs. We are sure that the price is worth the unforgettable experience you will have!

+ Why is Science RXN limited to so few students?

Science RXN is a very new program offered for science students. Our goal is to be as inclusive as we can be, while making sure that the event can be run smoothly by our volunteers. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate everyone due to capacity limits, costs, etc. However, we can see that there is a large demand for such an event and we are hoping to expand the program significantly in future years.

+ What if I register but don't show up, can I get a refund?

After registering for RXN, your pass is non-transferable and non-refundable.

+ I'm driving to campus, where can I park?

The closest parking to the event is the North Parkade (www.parking.ubc.ca for location and rates).

+ Why does Science RXN only last one day? Why not a whole week?

The AMS, along with many other campus groups collectively provide many events that will occupy your first week here at UBC. Science RXN is still a relatively new program offered by the Science Undergraduate Society and we are consistently testing out the best options and logistical details for students.

+ What should/shouldn't I bring to RXN?

Please dress appropriately for the weather. You will be going around the campus for the majority of the day and there will not be a place to store your bags or jackets. Do not bring drugs, alcohol, or valuables. Anybody caught with drugs or alcohol will be immediately expelled from the event. NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be no tolerance for intoxication during your time at RXN and security will be on site for inspection of the Great Hall.

+ I have heard that some orientation events at other universities include alcohol. Why doesn’t Science RXN?

There are many reasons for this. In the province of BC, the legal drinking age is 19 (a year older than most provinces). This means that some of our students would be left out. We aim to be as inclusive as possible and want everyone to have the best time. Who says you can’t have fun at a dry event? Trust us, you’ll enjoy what is in store for you!

+ How much does RXN cost? What payment options do I have?

Early bird tickets are limited, while the remaning tickets will be sold for regular price! You are able to pay for your registration either through Paypal or using a credit card through our online booking form.

+ I'm sold! How do I register?

Registration will open on August 21th, 2017 - (check the REGISTRATION PAGE for more info).